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Liquid Ballast


Farmers and off-roaders have been adding ballast to their rubber AG and OTR tires since the invention of tire ballast. Adding tire ballast gives tires more strength and more pull so that farm and off-road equipment can handle more weight. Tire ballast also increases power while enhancing stability and balance.

Liquid tire ballast is a natural corrosion preventer, and features a nonabrasive liquid recognized by the EPA for its environmentally-friendly chemistry. Liquid ballast is ideal for tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, and other farm and off-road equipment because it provides enough extra weight for increased traction and reduced soil compaction, while being biodegradable, environmentally safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, and water soluble. Using our tractor tire ballast will extend the life of your wheel rims and tires while improving the efficiency of your tires and work capacity.

Allow our service staff to determine if liquid ballast is right for you and your needs.

Tire Retreading


Tire retreading, also known to some as recapping, involves buffing away old and used tire tread and applying a brand new layer. Tire retreading can help save you 30 to 50 percent off the cost of new tires. Retreading is also an environmentally-friendly option to purchasing a new set of tires.

Our tire retread process involves buffing away the old tire tread, and, based on your desired specifications, applying a mold cure or precure computer cut tread layer. Our retread process is guaranteed to deliver tires with the treadwear, traction, and durability you demand.

Simply speak to a member of our service staff so we can help maximize your original investment and save you money with our tire retreading services.

Mold Retreads


When the time arrives to retread your tires, we have a selection of affordable mold retread options for your vehicle. Our selection includes treads up to 63 inches.

So what’s the difference between mold cure and precure treads? Precure retreads are bonded to the casing in a curing chamber. Mold cure retreads do not require bonding, and are a lighter and more fuel-efficient option for drivers. Regardless of what option you choose, you can expect seamless construction and cost-efficient performance from your retreaded tires.

Discuss your needs with our OTR and retread staff today.

Section Repairs


If you experience a puncture, break, or crack in your OTR tires, tire repair may be an option. The RMA says that a flair tire is repairable if the puncture is 1/4th inch or smaller, and if the damage is locate on the tread of the tire.

Tire repair is time sensitive. If the damage is not extensive, our service staff will be able to patch, plug, or seal damaged sections of tires. Repairing your tires is a cost-effective alternative to retreading and purchasing a new set of tires. Plus, repairing your tires helps preserve raw materials and natural resources. Consult our service staff today for timely tire repairs.

Lug Repairs


During tire installations, some techs have been known to strip studs and damage lug nuts. If you happen to discover that your lug nuts are stripped or damaged, we can help with repairs or, in most cases, replacements.

If you end up having to change a tire yourself and find that your wheel lug nuts or studs are damaged, contact us so we can remove the damaged parts, supply you with the right lug nuts and studs for your wheels, and get you and your vehicle back to work once again.

Sidewall Bumpers


OTR tires sustain tough abuse. These tires are durable, but that doesn’t mean they are resistant to damage. Cracks and punctures in a tire’s tread can be repaired, but a break or crack on a sidewall is irreparable.

We install sidewall bumpers on your OTR tires to ensure you never lose ground due to a cracked or damaged sidewall. This reinforced rubber allows you to keep moving and working without the downtime associated with a damaged sidewall. Avoid sidewall bulges and breaks and contact us today to have sidewall bumpers installed on your OTR Tires.

Spot Repairs


Have you noticed cuts, cracks, or bulges on the tread or sidewall of your tires? As long as the damage is not extensive, spot repairs may be all that is necessary for you to get back on the road and continue working. Spot repairs will be made on the condition that no body plies are exposed on the outer tire tread.

Tread Reinforcements


We are dedicated to helping our customers’ OTR tires last longer. Depending on the extent of your work, tread reinforcements may help extend the life of your tires while protecting them from damage.

Tread reinforcements are perfect for tires with blisters, bulges, cracks in grooves, or flat spots. Our tread reinforcements, composed of three plies, can improve flexibility and tear strength.

If you are looking to improve the strength and durability of your tires, Action Gator Tire can help.

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