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Following the “Rules To Obtain Optimum Tire Performance” Will Solve Most Power Hop Problems. We provide farm services for all of your tire needs, from repairs to replacement tires

Controlling Power Hop

What is “power hop”?
Power hop is a type of pitch/bounce movement occurring on 4WD and MFWA tractors during field operations. As power hop begins, the tractor undergoes combined pitch and bounce motions that gradually increase to the point where the operator will have difficulty staying in the seat and maintaining control of the tractor.

When does “power hop” occur?
Power hop can affect any make or model of 4WD or MFWA tractor. It occurs under medium to heavy drawbar load with towed implements. Typically the ground is dry, with loose soil on top. Power hop tendency and intensity increase as power input increases. Power hop can occur with bias or radial tires, but maybe more prevalent with radial tires because of the higher level of traction developed.

But, power hop can be controlled!

What factors can influence "power hop"

  • Not enough overall tractor weight for the horsepower
  • Incorrect weight distribution between front and rear axles
  • Incorrect tire pressures
  • Improper drawbar height for the implement
  • Installation of tires smaller than recommended by the tractor manufacturer
  • Engine horsepower improvements without additional ballast
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